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Originally Posted by scrambler66 View Post
A “little” play is perfectly normal, even if the engine is new. The extend of “little” is determined by the wear of the countershaft. That’s what a NX250 countershaft looks like after almost 100.000km
Scrambler - thanks for the reply and the pictures; that answered a lot of questions. I put the NX back together and rode it to work and back, about 6 miles. The new chain is great and the countershaft didn't

The countershaft is in good shape. I still think that that is a hell of a lot of lateral play, but I haven't had to deal with countershaft sprocket before. The back and forth play, chain directions, is much better than side to side. Tell me what you think.

I failed at getting the video to embed so you'll have to settle for the link.

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