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Yeah righto the roads closed but you better put a barrier right across the road if your going to stop me, rode for about 45 minutes and eventually got stopped by a policeman sitting on the side of the road, he said its forbidden and asked for my licence and rego, I tried to get off the bike to get it for him but couldnt let go of the bike as it was going to blow straight over, I tried a few angles to try and park but everytime I had to stand and hold onto the handlebar and lean back to stop it from falling, he could see how much trouble I was having trying to keep the bike upright and in the end just said If I get stopped again I never saw him and let me go on, must admit it was a tad breezy ahahahahaha Ill have to google how strong the winds were cause they were certainly the strongest ive ever ridden in and ive been in some windy places

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