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Originally Posted by ThumperDRZ View Post
Hey Bash3r - I'm going to get one of the Sport video cameras...thinking the Contour Roam2. The only thing i don't like about it is it doesn't have a removable battery.

$250 is my limit for something that might spank a rock or there something better out there?

I don't like the boxie design of the GoPro's but if they are better I can compromise.

Let me know your thoughts....Thanks
Hey Gary.... yea I hear you about the battery.. I carry 3 GoPro batteries with me, I can be charging off the bike while using one, and I know I'll never run out. For that price point, if you can get passed the boxy design, the GoPro really does have the best quality, I wouldn't get anything older than a GoPro Hero2. Now that the Hero3 has come out, you will find HD2's for a good price! I use mine for a lot of other stuff besides helmet cam footage...

Here's my GoPro Hero2 on my Jib with my HDSLR.. I can view the video feed from the GoPro on my iPhone as a remote monitor as well as remote control it. This is huge for other video shoots I do..

The Hero3 has built-in WiFi.. the Hero2 has to have the Wifi-BacPac.. I may upgrade to the Hero3 soon :) Here's my WiFi remote:

And here's a few on my iPhone..

If you have the extra $$ the Hero3 is smaller & lighter.. The Contour's are nice too, I just prefer the GoPro's because the quality and versatility to be used more than a helmet cam for my needs.

Good luck!
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