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Whatever the 336 was developed for, it has always been called the 'Sport' cam ASFAIK. They also had a 'race' cam. Probably the one RG mentioned earlier. It all makes good sense since the 336 is not very racy but perfect for streetable sport. It was then and still is a mild cam. Old fashioned? Mild cams are not old fashioned, they are mild. Very often the smart way to go!

But back to the subject of comparing cams: As soon as Bob times some more cams and posts the results, some of us need to time our cams and see if we can duplicate the results. After all, we not only need some specs but we need repeatable specs which is just about the whole point to start with. Since the manufacturers won't tell us how they are suppose to time, it will take a couple of samples in order to insure that how Bob cam's time are in fact how they are suppose to time.
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