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Well, this is gonna be one hell of a 24 hour + adventure.

Iím writing this from the first leg of our flight. We are halfway from Seattle to Dallas/Fort Worth. We left the house at 7 oíclock this morning. We watched our 5 #50 boxes loaded onto this plane, so if all continues to go well, we will be hauling #250 of boxes to our hotel. Iíll probably be up for 28 or 29 hours at that point, so I am sure to be sharp as a tack and pleasant.
We will need to get some sleep. Tuesday morning we will need to get our crated bikes through customs, uncrate, reconnect the batteries (that means removing and reinstalling the racks), reattach the handlebars and controls, attach the luggage, repack the luggage and fuel our empty bikes.
I told Miss O and Poodle that I am not going to be able to relax until all of that is done, the key is in the ignition and the bikes only need to be pointed south.
Nobody said this was going to be easy. It is exciting, though.
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