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There are many different types and sizes of bearing splitters. This is a small one;

Here is a puller and bearing splitter. Looks big and strong enough but with nothing for size comparison it's kinda hard to say.

You will pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for these tools if you get quality stuff. The "Tool Trucks" like Snap On or Matco are the most expensive. Mail order you can find good quality from OTC and for just a little less than the Tool Truck tools.

Some of the stuff at Harbor Freight is OK but I don't like most of it. I do own some Chinese. Can't argue with the price.

After you take into account the cost and number of tools you would have to acquire it is probably more prudent to get the tool made by Cycle works;

I don't own this because I have all the other odds and ends enough to do the job. This looks like #1 quality and reports are that it will do a good job.
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