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I know this thread is usually for the younger adv kids, but my 17yr old son did something on Saturday that I just gotta share. At the beginning of the summer, he was just learning and could barely navigate trails and barely keep me in sight. He followed me to the races all year and started entering the hare scrambles with me in June. The first few races, I had to wait for the sweep crews to bring him in from whatever predicament he had gotten himself into. He was usually upside down somewhere. He started finishing races towards the end of the year.

He rode my WR450F until late this fall. Then, I let him take my YZ450F for a ride. His eyes lit up and I never got it back. He started hanging out with his MX buddies and hitting Aztec MX track for practice every weekend. The 1st round of the Winter Combat Series he got 8th in the open beginner class. I was pretty proud of him, but in the back of my head, I thought I could still wax the boy.

I picked up a new 450SXF a couple of weeks ago and Satruday I went out to Aztec with him and his buddies. I'm no MX'er by any means, but I've always been able dust the boy. After an hour or so of riding and getting used to my new bike, he and his buddies pulled me over and we lined up for a 3 lap "race".

I got the "holeshot" since they are all on 250F's, but within a lap, most of them had passed me, tripling and doubling along. On the 2nd lap, on the back straight, they have an uphill tabletop that I just have no desire to try and clear. I do my best "Bubba Scrub", get back on the gas, and jump off the back side. As I'm "scrubbing" I hear a bike over my head to my right. There were a bunch of bikes on the track so it didn't surprise me that I was getting passed. I looked over to see who it son was jumping over my head!

Little bastard passed me and left me! I held it open as long as I dared, but I never caught him. Everytime we hit one of those double jumps, I backed off and he just pinned it. I guess all that practicing with his buddies is paying off! Even though I was pissed that he passed me, I was just as proud to see him taking off and flying on his own.

The worst part? For his birthday in October I bought him a GoPro. Of course he had it rolling when he passed me. He's looking down and giggling at me. The look on my face when I realized it was him....priceless! Stupid GoPro....and no I am NOT going to post the video here!
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