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All went well. I wrote the above post around 2 a.m. last night while flying over the equator. We landed around 9:30 this morning. First order of duty was to pay $160 reciprocity fee to the Chilean government. Next we went through police screening (long line but half a minute being inspected). Then we headed toward customs. All five of our boxes were loaded on free carts and waiting for us. It took only a few minutes to send the boxes and our carry-ons through the scanners and we were free. MissO negotiated a $40 fare for the three of us and our luggage to be transported to our hotel in a nice touristy area about 20 miles away.

We checked into the hotel, unloaded the boxes and went sightseeing on foot. Santiago is beautiful this time of year. It must be high 70ís and sunny here.

Everybody drives like Steve McQueen around here. There is a huge amount of traffic, but it is always moving fast. Turn signals are not required, there is no safe stopping distance required, and if there are speed limits posted, they are un-obeyed. Pedestrians have adapted and walk aggressively. Crazy. Lots of small cc displacement air-cooled bikes running around the city. Oh yeah, lane splitting is an option, but will probably be limited with our paniers.
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