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Originally Posted by andrewgore View Post

I'm up for suggestions. I really shot myself in the foot & blew a 50% off deal that Pro-Action had just after black friday. Coulda had fork\shock done for 250$. I know I can do the changes myself, its just whether or not I'm doing the right changes....

You can do the changes, but it may cost you some progress time. Example: #2 son was offered a Pirelli tire deal. He was a Dunlop rider. He tried the Pirelli deal to save on the tire bill. He paid for it in progress.

It was a long slow and frustrating process. He had the Pirelli suspension techs to help, but it was really up to him to give them the right feedback. He figured it out eventually, and after fairly radical changes in geometry and damping, he got fast again and even set new times. But he wrecked a lot of gear in the process. The next season he went back to Dunlop and was instantly on his game. The Pirelli thing cost him a season, but he learned a lot about set-up. More than he ever would have if he just raced Dunlop.

Not saying P or D is better. It's what your set-up knowledge is that makes the difference. Should be a similar dilemma for you. Set-up is everything for most.
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