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Originally Posted by rocker59 View Post
No. No way the small block chassis can handle any off road...

(rear drive is from the Tonti California on both of these, with a custom swingarm).
The swingarm pivots on these bikes are obscured by the riders' feet - but they do not pivot on the gearbox hosing like the standard small-blocks do - there's a chunky extension to the frame in that area!
The rear drive can be from any Tonti-framed Guzzi, not just the California - and there are a variety of crown-wheel & pinion ratios available for them too. However, the rear drives are HEAVY - and it's unsprung mass too.

Originally Posted by espi View Post
correct me if I'm wrong, but 21" front & 18" rear....
or would it be better for most to be 19" front & 17" rear..
Yep, the original 650 TT & NTX models had 21/18" and they worked well; as of now, getting tyres isn't an issue; 19/17" just makes the bike less dirt-worthy.

Originally Posted by ikonoklass View Post
The 2012 appears to be on par power-wise with my 2005 GS. I would want a bit more.
Whatever for? Are you of, ahem, "Generous proportions" or do you regularly tote a tame hippo and her luggage interstate? Perhaps you'd more usefully consider a Ford F350 turbo-diesel instead?
The standard Stelvio can cruise at well over 100 mph all day long (you do have speed limits where you live, right?) and has enough power that if you bothered, you'd be spinning the wheel well into fifth gear on dirt: all that achieves is a waste of rear tyres, a cloud of dust for your riding buddies and means you arrive at the scene of the crash first.
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