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Originally Posted by EetsOK View Post

Indian: from 1999 right up to 2013. It was insulting to me that they'd try an dpull a fast one liek they did: HD clone with big fenders voila instant Indian. Especially when there was the Eller Indian, owing NOTHING to HD and the emergence of Excelsior Henderson and Victory again two clean sheet designs. what was even worse was people bought into the faux Indian. When I heard that they would bring out a Scout, I had some hope. I was horrified that it was essentially a full blwon HD clone with Indian on the tank!! Then I heard that Indian had their own engine, the Power Plus, I waited and what do you know? It is a god damned HD clone with rounded barrels! What is really mind bending for me are the owners of these bikes who will belittle, and bad mouth HD until the cows come home and be in complete denail that thier beloved Indian is a cheap HD knock off. The other thing too, was Indian was asking, and getting MORE $$ for their bikes than HD was! Granted, the HD was likely to run a little longer than the Indian. Check any owner forum and read the horror stories of all kinds of mechanical mayhem, brand new bikes breaking down on the ride home and being stuck in a shop for weeks to months! Then amazingly enough, in 2003 just as Indian was about to be in the black money wise, the plug was pulled by the inestors. Indian, like a bad curry, hung around and oce again i was duped into being hopeful. The Kings Mountain bikes ain't much better either. So, I once again have hope that Polaris will do Indian justice in 2014. I ain't holding my breath mind you.
Did you ever actually ride one? Sounds like this is a bike you wanted to hate and did as opposed to a "bike you didn't like as much as you thought you would".

IMO, the whole Indian thing was a blatant money grab, but the bike wasn't more disappointing than anyone expected - we all knew it would be crap.

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