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I have used them before. I would much rather use a manometer on our bikes or cars. A Uni-syn is a manometer and a mechanical contraption in one. A manometer itself is neither mechanical or electronic. Therein lies their accuracy and simplicity. Why use a contraption when you can use THE scientific standard that IMO is not only more accurate but easier to use? I am just putting another angle out there for readers to ponder.
Uni-syn is equally accurate to any conventional manometer. the only mechanical part is throat size opens and closes to compensate for higher or lower air flow for different RPM ranges.

which brings up a major advantage of Unisyn. it's ability to measure air flow for high and low RPM with same sensitivity. vs a conventional manometer using a wider range, less sensitive meter to cover high and low RPM. so technically Uni-syn is more accurate than a conventional wide range manometer. difference is so small one is splitting hairs...

draw back to Uni-syn is one cannot mount two like manometers and monitor air flow while riding. now we are splitting more hairs ... as objective is for both carbs to flow same volume of air. which Uni-syn does equally accurate to any conventional manometer with same or less fuss.

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