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Originally Posted by QCRider View Post
Hey RexBuck,

I've been living in CR for 4 years now, but had never heard about Rancho DiAndrew in Uvita - looks like a cool place. I'll definitely check it out one of those weekends.

I just came a across your RR - I'll definitely sit down with a cold beverage on the patio and catch up shortly. Always interesting to read good RRs, especially from fellow Canadians.

Funny description about the ferry adventure!! Nothing to compare with BC ships of course! Though sometimes you get some wicked storms over the water while going across. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the Card Guy gives you a card to make sure you get a spot on the boat, even before you buy your ticket.

There are several other guys riding South as well, you must have met a few I guess. I was hoping to get a chance to meet up with some of you guys while coming this way to hear about your adventures over a few cold ones, but it seems that I keep missing everyone... It seems that everyone blasts thru CR to get to Panama for a boat/flight. Little bit of a shame to skip CR as it has some very nice rides and places to see to offer, but I also understand the timelines/deadlines. I'm hoping to be in your tracks maybe next year for a CA-SA-CA-NA "long way home" trip!

Look forward to catching up with your RR and reading more of what's coming ahead. Subscribed!
Ride Safe!
Thanks for coming along for the ride. It is indeed too bad we many times miss locals like yourself - a lot of times we are shooting blind figuring out where to go and what to see and local knowledge would be a great assist.

Keep watching for folks coming down (or going up) - you'll hook up.
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