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Originally Posted by Strong Bad View Post
I will be very surprised if Rubby Gordon races this next El Dakaro. First there are recent developments with his latest "benefactor" Clyde Stacy, which most likely will prevent Clyde's involvement (and may possibly even prevent future funding). Second, Rubby is up to his armpits in getting the Stadium Super Trucks off the ground, in fact one
of the "demo" events for the SST is to be held while the El Dakaro is being raced. Rubby has contracts already with NBC for TV, and he wanted to be the next Micky Thompson.

El Matador and Nasser have both shared major testing time in developing past Dakar race cars. However, there simply isn't anytime to develop the current car prior to this next event. Looks are one thing, bling, bling bodies and graphics are window dressing, races are won with prep, development, and more prep. They have barely enough time to get the shocks set up, let alone figure out what the week links are that will need to be addressed in the bivy every night.
Never mind...
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