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The TORX Security Screw, and What You Can Do About It:

The Montana's Rugged Mount includes a TORX Security Screw which some people love, and others hate. Personally I don't mind it, and when I'm leaving the bike for a few minutes, like going into a gas station to pay, it provides a measure of security that the gps will still be there when I get back out.

But some people would prefer to have a locking mechanism which could be enabled and disabled without needing to use the fiddly little Torx tool Garmin provides for this purpose.

The following was written by Bli55 in a post to the New Garmin Montana thread. It describes how to get into the Rugged Mount to get that security screw out, and a low-tech method to make up a substitute which you can use your fingers to turn.

Start off by unscrewing 6 tiny screw and taking off the back panel.

Then take out the button sliding part (hold the tiny spring!!!) and the top (hold the tiny spring!!!):

Now with access to the inside, we see the culprit. Pry it (the circlip) off.

Luckily, Garmin uses a standard pitch M3 thread. So to a bolt shop I go.

The standard screw has threads only at the very end and the thinner stalk moves freely in the hole in the top plastic part. I needed to duplicate that, except that I chose to leave a few more threads at the end.

And if you don't have a lathe (use a drill chuck instead):

The standard bolt stops not when the threads go all the way into the well, but when the bolthead touches against the plastic - so it's ok the leave more thread at the end as long as there's something on our new bolt to push against the plastic top part (to mimic the standard bolthead).

In my case, a long "handle":

Put the new bolt in, remembering the cone shaped spring, then slip on the retaining clip from the inside (you can leave it out if you think there will be a need to remove the lock screw without taking the mount apart again).

Then put the 2 plastic parts together. Do I need to mention the tiny springs?

They fly far once being bounced off your head and can only be found by lucky chance inside some camera cases.
And don't think breaking a lighter will save you!


Thanks Bli55 for giving permission to use this here!
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