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Sorry I missed you. I really blasted through Costa Rica trying to make my reservation

Originally Posted by QCRider View Post
Hi Kedgi,

I just sent a donation to Steph (meant to do that for a while now). Hope she'll be all right with a quick recovery. Thanks for posting her link here. I might even go up to Little Corn Island to say hello at some point, and and check out the diving. Now that I have my paypal account set up, I'm hoping to find your own link to send some beer/gas $$$ your way to keep you on the road, while I'm enjoying your RR!

I've been following a few RRs (yours, Ulyses, JDowns, etc) with great interest, and was kindda looking forward to meet you guys while passing thru Costa Rica whenever possible, however there seems to be a common pattern among riders heading South: get a good head start in the States, spend some time exploring/relaxing in Mexico & Guatemala, and then rush thru Nicaragua/Costa Rica to get to Panama for a boat/flight bookings. A little unfortunate, but I do get the deadline thing. Too bad that the Panama/Colombia ferry never came alive as promised last year! Perhaps I'll have a better luck with JDowns based on his pace so far!

My buddy who did Toronto to SA last year spent almost 1 month in Medellin, and loved Colombia in general. I'm hoping to get down there in the next year. Enjoy South America and keep posting whenever possible pls!
Thanks for your donation to Stephanie. That's all you need to do. I would like to send any donations people might have given to me, her way. My intention was to help someone. Steph will certainly do that with any money she receives. She really cares about her community. If you do go to Little Corn be sure to say hi to Steph from me.

Anyone who wants to make a donation to Stephanie's cause can rest assured the money will go to good use for less fortunate children. Steph is all about making life better for others.

I intend to do a post with pictures tonight if I can. I'm downloading maps at the moment. I'm in Chia, Colombia

Thanks again for your donation to Steph's cause. I know she will appreciate it and I certainly do too.

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