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This turned out quite a good topic with a lot of good comments from several experts, ending up discussing manometers!!!!!!!.......
Well I suppose I could start a new topic.... well let’s see what the opinions will be as it is related.

Cable adjustment on throttle and choke.

I have briefly read a few articles on tuning and adjusting the cables....
Now this is where it gets difficult to describe and maybe test.
Let’s assume the carbs are tuned, balanced, cables adjusted and synchronised etc.
I believe that there should be some sorts of test or check preformed to confirm your adjustments you have just made are correct other that riding.

When opening the throttle fully open on the handle bar how do you know that the carb is opening up all the way? Is there a check that can be performed other that using you finger to pull up the throttle lever or cable to check that it is opening all the way up to the maximum or stop lever?

I would have thought if the pipes from the air filters were disconnected at the time of doing adjustments then you could look in the back end of the carb you would be able to see the opening and closing of the butterfly as the throttle is twisted. (Assuming that going beyond this point would be closing the flow of air???) Once the butterfly reaches the midpoint or the horizontal position in the throat that this would be the fully open throttle position even though there was still room to move the lever or cables more upwards as if to accelerate more. Please give me your thoughts.

Similarly what would the test be to check adjustment on the choke cable? For example the handle bar lever is moved to the 1/2 choke position. What position must the start valve be in? Also for the fully cocked lever position, how do you check that the start valve is where it is supposed to be?

So in a nut shell will it make any difference once these cables are set and there is still the possibility that not all the possible movement has not been taken up.
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