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We needs the facts, OK

Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post
Heya Pierre

Yeap she is in Montreal now.... we just can't get away from Canada eh , ironically she is only a coupla hundred km away from Maya!!!

Took care of the stress problem, bought a 1.75 L of Bombay Saphire .... chics drink but I love it ... actually I like most grog

Now I can update all the trip reports, prepping Hobbit and Chiwi for sale giving them a clean up ... Hobbit looks nice now ... I might have to lowball myself with an offer
So you have had enough time to splane yourself, but no, you just keep us waiting and guessing so here's the questions I've been waiting to have answered. (unless I missed them)

Where did you find Maya and how did it unfold so quickly.
How are you getting the bike transported to you or are you going to get it and ride it back?
How much of your existing gear can fit on the new stead and how much will be shipped home?
What's the status with the injured M/C (Chiwi) are you going fix her or just sell her as is?
How about Hobbit, hows the progress with selling him, or are you putting him up for adoption?
How about Ellen, is she for sale? Just kidding Ellen!!!

Take care and hopefully I'll see you on the road either in N/A or NZ. for a few
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