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My impressions of what it's like to spend a day in the saddle: not nearly as bad as I expected. Knowing I would be doing very long distances I didn't even sweat the first several hundred miles. Seemed like every time I looked down at the odometer 50 miles had blown by. (Those perceived-distance-intervals shrunk to about 2 miles from glance-to-glance by the end.)

First 200 miles: I was freezing. I didn't put enough clothes on and was too lazy/concerned with moving forward that I just kept waiting for it to get warmer. It didn't, so I stopped and put my arm-warmers (socks with the toes cut off) on.

~300 miles: My neck started to hurt. The radar detector sticks out of the right side of my helmet and catches the wind like a small parachute. Around 400 miles I removed it, but the muscular stress took its toll for the remainder of the day when the speeds got up there.

400-600 miles: Needed to stand up a lot.

820 miles: Tired. Fatigued. Really wanted it to end.

1000 miles: Kicked myself mentally for not picking a hotel EXACTLY 1001 miles away!

1036: "Ahhh, that wasn't so bad!"

When I hit Tucson I was really out of it. Kept asking my sister and her husband to repeat themselves. Felt very zombie-like. It didn't help that I was most likely very dehydrated and had probably consumed 500 calories the whole day. After checking in I walked across the street and had a bowl of hummus and a giant plate of really overcooked lamb (bleh), but I was so hungry I didn't let the barmaid take the food away (instead I asked for a free glass of wine).

Next day I met up with flyinturbo and his gal for breakfast, but that was about the only energy I had. I vegg'd in my hotel room the following day/night recovering. Wasn't that sore, just very, very tired.

Seat heat: not a problem. Air temps were in the 50s and 60s.
Bike: Never missed a beat.

The amazing thing was the day after resting up I jumped on the bike and did another 400 miles (indirect route) to Vegas and felt great. It actually felt better/more comfortable than ever. Met up with a Ducati guy and some of his buddies for a "ghost-rider" like ride. Insane. More to come....
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