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I've had the pleasure of owning an 09 GSA and I loved that bike- it was my go anywhere / ride everyday bike (full time commuter). It was good 2-up but not great- I traded it in on 12 16GT and couldn't be happier (ill admit still in new bike lust) but it is a very comfy and smooth running machine. My wife and I toured on the GSA - it has plenty of room and storage- but at highway speeds it just felt a little did the high speed slab runs no problem but I could've used more on tap power. I had RDL seats and it was comfy and had decent weather protection - good in the twisty bits but heavy with a passenger. The 16GT is heavy too but lower so it feels easier to me- you do lose some storage space from the GSA but the GT seems much more set up for two up touring (bc it is...). I like it because out of the box it is ready to go with the add ons that make mc touring two up easier (heated seats, radio, everything is adjustable- good amount of room). I like the programmable drive modes, the well sorted safety features, push of a button and all of your entertainment options from iPod to xm to radio to weather is right there without having to bolt on a bunch of other stuff (i added a CI radar detector bc ahem, the power is addictive). About the gravel sections - the GSA may be better suited but good riding skills go a long way too. The good news is there are so many strong bike options out there the bad news is you have to choose one or at least I did (I was able to shield my Ducati during the bike sell off discussions).

For me on my commute and with the wifey- ill take a 16GT and an autocom (with part2275) and point that bike in any direction and enjoy.

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