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Originally Posted by Little Bike View Post
Oops, I meant the tech3. I prefer a paper bag with eye holes cut out for bank heists. :loll3

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around getting a pressure suit. I have an armored jacket, can I just add a chest plate or be fine with what I have? My idea of dirt riding is putting along sight seeing (although that may change as I get skills....) :mutt

Elbows, back and shins/knees usually take the brunt of an off-road fall, even on-road for that matter. As long as your jacket has back and good elbow protection it should be fine. Just make sure that the elbow pads will stay where they are meant to be and not move off the elbow when you bend your arm around. But for hot days when you take off the jacket, you should have elbow pads and a chest/back protector. Chest protection is more for rocks that get spat up at you when following other riders, so when you have a good jacket on, it should work fine for that. Shin/knee pads should be worn all the time, also helps when you knee to tighten chain or whatever. Unless you are riding crazy fast, I wouldn't worry about a neck brace but that's your choice. I had a Leatt and just sold it as I just don't feel comfortable wearing it but that's my choice. Just my two cents worth.
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