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WOW bannanaman thanks for the advise i have been reading alot of the IBA stuff didnt realize all the information out there but the bike maintance and hydration i got down, hard part is ur never fully prepared, nor know when something will happen. i amloading up the lights with ground lights led, led on the front sjsppension and trying to rig something for the swing arm. Hopfully when i am done i will look like a traveling circuus of lights so visibility will not be an issue also i stocked up on reflective tape and got a helmet with a light in it it looks dumb but visibility is important. Having a 4 gallon tank is whats going to kill me that means stoping every 3 hours for gas. I have seen some iba guys have a fuel cell instead of a passanger seat and some wierd riggings i might think of something like that to add 4 gallons since all the riding is highway an 8 gallon tank would be nice. And not stoping every 3 hours would be cool.
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