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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
Uni-syn is equally accurate to any conventional manometer. the only mechanical part is throat size opens and closes to compensate for higher or lower air flow for different RPM ranges.

which brings up a major advantage of Unisyn. it's ability to measure air flow for high and low RPM with same sensitivity. vs a conventional manometer using a wider range, less sensitive meter to cover high and low RPM. so technically Uni-syn is more accurate than a conventional wide range manometer. difference is so small one is splitting hairs...

draw back to Uni-syn is one cannot mount two like manometers and monitor air flow while riding. now we are splitting more hairs ... as objective is for both carbs to flow same volume of air. which Uni-syn does equally accurate to any conventional manometer with same or less fuss.
Funny. I think they are lot more fuss for a lot less return. I would rather use a plain ol' manometer any day over one. They are less accurate for there super short tube. They aren't more accurate for more or less air rather more or less throttle position but then that is debatable because they measure more throttle but they are flowing the same air as before and not measuring more throttle flowing more air which is really the whole point of more throttle. Closing the throat insures the same amount of air as with the throat more open although the throttle is open more thusly really measuring the same amount of air. A regular manometer measures what is really going on in real time. They can't be beat IMO. If a Uni-syn works better for you more power to it but don't blame the manometer. There are reasons why just about every tuner out there uses a manometer or an electronic gadget that mimics a manometer over Uni-syn's. Whether or not they are connected to the carbs or a flow bench.
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