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Originally Posted by WILL_S View Post
Sad times a head for lovers of the ct110
Posties have gone green....yep we've all read about it online so it must be true
Coming soon to a footpath near you

Those that ride em will maybe see a few short falls
lots of plastic
Looks like it's based on the honda supercub which might be fuel injected

Is this the end of hardcore postieing
Or the beginning of a whole new phenomenon
Warning this message will destruct in..........
You wouldn't believe what turned up at work this morning. A new pre production postiie bike setup for delivery. They had just finished testing up at hart and wanted to put the bike on the scales to get the various weights with different equipment attached.The new one is 8 kilos heavier than the ct110.
Will be introduced next march/ April. Didn't like the look of the forks very short hope they are better the the old ones.
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