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Originally Posted by Adv Grifter View Post
That's why I suggested an inquiry at Dakar Motors. All kinds of desperate riders trying to sell off bikes there ... and elsewhere in S. America. Some will rent.
About the time their fly out date approaches ... they become very flexible on price.
Javier at Dakar Motors is not too keen on buying and selling bikes, but you are right, his place is ofter frequented by people wanting to make a deal. Of course, the requirement of having to be an Argentine resident to be able to title a bike makes things a bit challenging, but in Argentina things are arrange-able, let's say.

I met an Australian guy in the Can del Pato (Peru) on a Ural with side car, which he had picked up in Tierra del Fuego from a bloke who had driven it down from Alaska. Somehow they transferred ownership, and so the machine goes back and forth. The side car was quite a sight, with Japanese/Peruvian girl friend in it and a stack of used 19-inch tires tied to the back. 19-inch tires are very hard to get in South America, so he was picking up used tires wherever he could.
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