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Eh? for sure!!!

Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
Some people seem to get complacent once they start wearing hi-viz and/or adorning their bike with lights. I try not to, and I have both. I drove an EMS rig for several years, and even with BRIGHT strobing/rotating lights all over, a siren, an airhorn, reflective decals and bright paintjobs all over, people will still pull right into you.

Ride as if you're invisible, even if somebody handed you a bundle or roman candles, doused you with gas, lit you on fire, and shoved a trumpet up your bum. Some braindead people STILL won't have half a clue that they're on the road with somebody else...and some people just don't care.
I hear you there! Had on the hi-viz yellow Stich going down the interstate (still watching everyone like they are out to get me) and this big as pickup moving fast in the left lane starts to pass me, the next thing I know is his door is coming right at me like I wasn't even there. Next thing I know I am on the shoulder (lucky for me it was an extra wide shoulder) slowing down as fast as I can to get this guy out in front of me where I can keep an eye on him.

It was one of them wish I had a brick for his window moments...
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