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Dec 1 Across Costa Rica

Found out I couldnít get into Diandrew which would have been a cool place to hang around for a few days. I'm not quite ready to leave Costa Rica yet and feel there is more to see. The Costa Rica coast has been beautiful but,

Iím feeling a bit put off with the fairly high level of tourist development and the glitzy resorts.So, decided to do a loop through the interior of Costa Rica to the Caribbean coast and back through northern Panama. Found some roads that went east from just south of Jaců that looked like some nice mountains and skirted around San Jose - chalk up another big city missed.

Well, what a terrific day. Rained quite a bit last night and was still a little drizzly this morning. As soon as I turned off the highway I was presented with an unpaved road. Mostly hard packed gravel which was fairly easy riding. A few places where there was no gravel Ė just dirt and when mixed with last nightís rain . . . a little mud. That was good practice sliding around on that stuff with my somewhat worn Heidenau rear.

Climb up past different types of agriculture depending on the altitude. Vegetables lower down and coffee, papaya and bananas higher up. What spectacular scenery. Very steep mountains and I was presented with a steady stream of valleys and spectacular views.

Still quite a ways from the next town and was getting hungry. Came around a corner and here is a full blown restaurant and bar.

Cooked up some Pinto (What they call rice and beans) and eggs and coffee for me. One thing about the coffee growing countries is that they make and drink really good coffee. Hmmmm.

Spectacular view from the restaurant.

Higher elevations presented coffee plantations, most of which are grown on pretty steep terrain

Coming through one town and I'm supposed to turn onto this road but there is a chain across it. Road looks ok, seems weird. Maybe the present road will bend around and join it Ė nope, going the other way. Hmm, there is a car turning off on what looks like a side street towards the road I want. Yessir! Itís heading in the right direction but is going straight down. Iím sliding all over the place and finally make it down. End up behind some buses . . . how'd they get here? There was either an easier detour down or that chain was put up by some kids wanting to make a couple of bucks.

Pretty slow day today with the gravel road and the twisted paved stuff so, Iím not going to make it to the coast without having to push it which I donít need to do. Decided to knock off early in Cartago and went all out and spent $80 on a room at the Hotel El Guarco. Pretty nice joint. I had to rewire my GPS power and had some other maintenance to do on the bike so their covered parking would be great with rain clouds building.

Didnít go far but had a great day.
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