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Originally Posted by MadM View Post
Are those tail lights ADVmonsters LED 44 with red filter or any other? If so how did you wire them up?
no, the 44s are pointed out the front.

the three new sets of LED lights, plus new white LED strip light for the license plate, are all just commonly available commercial truck/trailer lights.

these lights are Grote brand, but all the light manufacturers have similar lights, including metric equivalents available outside the USA. not all lights of the same size are equal, with the difference being the LED type and count per light. the more the better.

the round lights are Grote Hi Count, and you purchase the assembly in three parts, light, mounting grommet, and pigtail. the cost per assembly is $10-12USD depending on where they're purchased. the grommet mounting hole is listed at 2 5/16" for this brand, and a 2 1/4" hole saw works fine. do NOT undersize or oversize the hole, the grommet will not fit correctly.

the LED brake lights are Grote Micro Nova, and come with the grommet and pigtail as a single sealed unit. these lights are very bright for their size, and the instructions list a 3/4" mounting hole. i found the 3/4" hole slightly undersize, and enlarged it with a step drill bit. try fit the light, you don't want this hole oversized either.

i had a damaged OEM license plate light from an ER6, so i cut the factory pigtail off this light and connected the new marker lights and license plate light. this pigtail plugs right into the factory wiring harness.

the new LED brake lights were connected to the harness at the OEM tail light section of the wiring harness.
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