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Last time I did this in 2009 it was much easier than your slog.
First I was on my aging Adventure.
Second I left OC in the late summer, so warmer. Cold on top of the passes though.
Left the house on the hill, in the OC about 7:00 AM, got to Westminster Colorado, 1059 miles later in time for the 10:00 PM news.
1. Camel-bak, 3-liters
2. I only ate some gummybear energy go-beans (cycling food, I happened to have in my backpack.)
3. I stopped for gas, got water and peed.
4. Only stopped to pee and add or subtract gear.

Passes in Colorado are fucking cold, I was wearing mesh, stopped on top of Vail Pass, put my longies on, and rain gear over. I stayed at about 2 mph over the limit.
Got up the next morning rode to a bicycle shop to replace my broken glasses, then 150 miles to my dad's motorhome on BLM land to fish and camp with him.
Very little wind to bother me on the way to Westminster, so less fatigue. Heading back west a week later, not so much. Made it to Cedar City before I crumpled heat, and wind did it. Got a late start from Colorado Springs after a long wedding reception.
I remember grabbing a breakfast of sorts in Evergreen some sort of Starbucks-like place. Very hazy on the exact details.

Don't like interstates

The first time I did it was on a 1974 Norton Interstate. But, I was young then.

And the GPS will lie to you,

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