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Originally Posted by eakins View Post
I was curiuos about this plate some more and see if it evolved into providing decent protection. I ended back at Cafe Husky and this is what Motosportz had to say.

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Looks promising, sturdy and well thought-out. One complain though - would it be possible to weld-in 'side-wings' to cover those exposed lines on both sides ? I presume mounting might be difficult then but with holes well-planned it might work...
We could have done that but it would have added to the cost and given the mission for a 400 pound bike it seemed overkill. It would be real EZ to have sheet metal add on wings to roost protection added to the front. Once you see the plate on the bike in person you will see it has a lot more coverage than it looks like in the pix. Our main goal was substantial strength to protect the engine case and oil line.

Motosportz, Saturday at 8:16 A


maybe you guys can convince him to offer up a few more expensive deluxe model that has front coverage. then he'll find what the market wants to buy...i'm betting the deluxe one.
You may find that we got further conversation on this:

My voice:
I dont want to be poking my nose where I shouldnt, but maybe its worth to take alternative route ? You're making fantastic things for dirt/trail bikes but for dual-sporters you need to listen to users needs more I'm not an expert by any means, but I've been using true DS bikes for quite some time (some as heavy as 500 lbs dry).

First of all, I think that DS skid plate might by less sturdy/thick (as bottoming down on rocks or trees is less probable). On the other hand, protection against flying debris needs to be extensive. That involves side/front protection against stones being thrown up. Ie. the plate might be cheaper but still offer better extensive coverage.

Look at what Touratech usually does - in this case G650GS:

Your plate is MUCH better quality I suppose BUT I would still choose their plate. I will not be doing much heavy off-roading on this bike, but still I want it covered where it needs to be covered. And those exposed lines frighten me a lot... I believe 90% of DS users would say the same...

And, if its heavier by even 5 pounds, its nothing against bikes overall weight. It really makes no difference when the bike weighs 405 lbs instead of 400...
In general, I'm trying to convince him on alternative solution - lighter but with more coverage or just bolted-on side-wings. I think quality-wise his product is top-notch, the only thing is he needs some guidance on DS bikes (he was mostly focused on dirt bikes previously). He's worried about the costs and that nobody would buy it. Everybody's free to voice their opinion - go there and support me :)
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