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Portland! We reintroduce ourselves to modern conveniences. The bikes benefit from some running water.

After a shower for both ourselves and our motorized compatriots, it was out for the essentials, mainly new mirrors and oil changin' supplies. We saw a lot of this on the roads. Loggin' country.

With bikes squared away for the homeward blast, it was time to hit the town. Powell's Books was our first stop, then on to Deschutes Brewery. The food was fantastic, as was the beer and the company.

In true Portland fashion, Ty and Tara don't eat gluten, dairy, or meat (mostly). Only in Portland could we have such a feast laid out that didn't include any of those things. I had Mac + Cheese with extra sausage. I didn't want my old friends gluten, dairy, and meat to feel left out.

On the way out of town we happened across this amazing edifice to man's need for speed. The Campagna T-Rex. How did I not know about these? I was immediately amazed and mad at myself. Oh, and terribly jealous...

For those that are in the dark like I was, its a carbon fiber 3-wheeler with a Kawasaki 1400 drive train. Seats two and has a sequential shifter on the floor mated to the Kawi tranny. 900 lbs curb weight and 0-60 in 4 seconds. Oh, and it's completely street legal.

This brings us to a growing concern that affects all of us. While the rest of the world prospers, Lucky 7 goes without a Campagna T-rex and the freedoms to outrun Porsches. This tragic situation can be prevented. You can help. Your donation of only one dollar a day will ensure that Lucky 7 can one day afford this necessity. Not only is your donation completely non-tax refundable, you will be sent monthly photographs of Lucky 7 outrunning police cars. So donate today to the 'Little Lucky 7 Campagna Achievers Foundation'.

Ask yourself: can you sleep at night if you don't donate to this worthy cause?

With a heavy heart, we leave the 3-wheeled death rocket behind and head back to Ty and Tara's house for our last night under a roof. Goodbyes in the morning and we're back on the road. It feels like too soon. We had a fantastic time in Portlandia. To our generous hosts, we are in your debt.

The road awaits.

It's not long before we bit farewell to Oregon.

700 miles is a lot for one day. Now that we're headed east, our families beckon and our throttle hands respond. Sometime after Boise, we sacked it in at a nice State Park.

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