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Here's what happens: on a low profile seat the cover simply hugs the seat. On a high profile seat and/or one with a deep dish to it the cover will "span" the seat. It will be smooth and tight to look at and when the rider sits down it will stretch. You'll never even know it's there. The ability of the fabric to stretch and conform is really fantastic. Unlike other "baggie" style covers there will be no bunched-up fabric under your seating area which may very well cause discomfort.

As for the big Russell seats, again, the ability to stretch makes covering these to protect them an easy task.

Thanks for the interest. As I've mentioned here in the past, Russell and Corbin owners are my top two customers. Please take a look at the testimonials at the web site. These are posted just as they arrive-I don't edit one word or correct grammer/spelling. It's customer feedback in their own words.

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