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A few yrs ago I had a DR650 with a skid plate that had about the same coverage as the one Motorsportz is offering.We were 30 miles from nowhere on a gnarly, boulder strewn 2 track when my oil filter cap struck a rock and cracked, causing it to leak oil. Luckily one of the guys I was riding with had some JB Weld with him and we were able to use it to stop the leak. We drained enough oil from the other two bikes to get me out of there and it all worked out OK. But it would have been a disaster without the JB Weld. My assumption is that the Terra would be about the same as the DR650 off road so it's quite likely that the same thing that happened to my DR650 could happen to the Terra. I'll gladly pay the extra money for adequate protection but I'm not interested in paying one thin dime for a skid plate that doesn't give me the protection I need. I intend to buy a Terra in the next month or so and I'm definitely going to be looking for a good skid plate for it. Motosportz, I really like the look of your product and would buy one in a heartbeat if it gave full protection, but as it stands right now it doesn't and I'm not interested in spending money on something that won't do the job. When you consider how much money you're going to be investing in this bike trying to save a few bucks by buying a skid plate that doesn't completely do the job is just nuts as far as I'm concerned.

C'mon Motorsportz, do it right!

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