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Okay. So it has been a little over a week or maybe it has been two. I don't know.

We have been from Guerrero Negro to La Paz to Cerritos/Todos Santos to Cabo and back to LaPaz. We caught the ferry and bee lined for the Devil's Backbone which goes up to Durango. Then we rode back on an active construction zone for around 100km to check out the world's newest tallest bridge. Spanning a small gorge in between Durango and Mazatlan. I think only in Latin America can three dudes on motorcycles ride through a fully active construction zone with rock blasting, paving, tunnel building and whatever else you can think of going on!

I will post some random photos now as not everything is uploaded but I will try to get things in chronological order soon.

So here goes!

BEST fish tacos. Ever. Ever. In Sayulita. If you go there eat at this ladies stand....Amazing.

Highway to the Danger Zone!!

I tried stand up paddle boarding. I think I was doing it wrong.

Great Parking in Durango. This is a four hundred year old hotel!!

Todos Santos and the famous Hotel California

Absolutely amazing surf at Playa Cerritos

Camping with quite a crew!

I finally found where Al Gore is hiding it.

Awesome camping in Los Barriles

On the ferry

One of a thousand vistas on the Devils Backbone. I highly recommend it if you have the nerve to stare down a Semi in a turn at 60mph.

More pics to come as I get them uploaded.

I hope to beat a lousy sinus infection I picked up. I think I will sun and sand it away for a few more days here in Sayulita!

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