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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
I went thru four Zumo 450's and three 376C's. They aren't hardened enough for real dirt riding and I was using the damped Touratech mounts too.

If a Garmin product is dead it's because they know the real numbers for all the failed units and they killed it to save their reputation.
Actually, Like I said in earlier post, when I was in PV in '06 and drinking with a Garmin developer at a yacht show, I asked him about this same thing. He said that they ditched the 276/376 series simply because everyone was asking for the new touchscreen technology. He even said it was the best platform that they ever built.

Honestly, for the 10 years that I owned my 43 footer, I had one GPS, a 276. Never missed a beat and you can ask Herrhelmet about this, anything that could live on my boat for a decade had to be tough....or have a very strong liver.

My current 276 has been through hell and back and I've launched it off the bike at least ten times onto rocks, into mud and streams/rivers, dropped it off the roof of the SUV, etc. I did have a slight issue with it last week riding the Greenhorns, but it simply tore an electrical connection when it launched off the bike during a crash. Rewired it, and it works just fine.
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