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Originally Posted by ramjet View Post
OK, notmybikemodelname, I'm convinced and since you've taken the lead on this where's the petition? How do you intend to present a convincing result oriented offering to Garmin? As someone mentioned previously the 60csx I'm using also just ain't cutting it visual wise so I'm in with your program.
Just measuring the riding publics interest at the moment. If I can see enough interest in building a real riding GPS, then we can put somethign together based on the 276/376/478 platform and throw it at them to see if they'll bite. The tooling is still around in their warehouse somewhere, I'm sure. Just update the guts and move it on out. I know it's not that simple, but hey, remember when they came out with "new" Coke, the people spoke and they brought the "old" Coke back. Can't hurt to try. Besides, with running my current business and developing a new one, riding, the kids, the wife, the dog, paying bills and strip clubs, I have plenty of spare time.
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