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Originally Posted by dentrecords View Post
They are present then. I don't know that you're going to get away from them unless you go very early in the season or very late. You'll be fine for stopping a few minutes here and there. They are seemingly attracted to heat, so just walk away from your bike and you'll be OK as long as you keep on moving. They disappear past dusk.

I wouldn't worry too much as long as you aren't planning on spending multiple days not riding and just hanging out outside.
I got very lucky a few years ago...and got as a gift a small head net. As I recall from REI...and I've also seen some made by Coleman at other stores such as Target/Walmart. Pack to about 1" square...perfect for pocket of tankbag. Worn over a baseball cap...just great. Cost is under $10.

In the years I've had it there are many times I never needed it all year. Then there are the times I needed it...all I can say is thank god!

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