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Closer to like 15. and the Adventure is a couch compared to a sportbike squish-n-squat.

My wife got me a Verizon Hotspot at Costco uber cheap a while back, basically free. Then our new cell deal means all our phones can be hotspots.
It works quite a bit better than the hotel wifi. Marriott wifi in the room blows BTW. Not enough horsepower to stream much more than Pandora.
When I was in Mukilteo I could work wirelessly from my hotel using my extremely full-sized notebook. That was at a "Staybridge" hotel. The Residence Inn's I've been in the last five months have completely crap wifi. I'd go to Starbuck's and stream MotoGP on my iPad. That worked great, since it was wee hours of the morning nobody cared or bothered me. My work involves CAD tools so I take big bites out of the network.
Funny thing since we moved to W7; my computer won't log onto the wifi at the hotel, but it will log onto my hotspot.

Yeah, like I'm going to pay the company to do work for them.

Twice I've been able to hoodwink them into them into letting me travel by my motorcycle and camp in place of hotels too! All I had to do was pack a damned 17inch Dell tech-notebook.
But, they paid me!

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Mr. Head--you, sir, are fucking crazy! Nearly 24 hours on a motorbike is insane!

Sorry I didn't see your post, Rod....I'm on a full size laptop, which sucks to lug around, but it makes it much easier to work (full size keyboard/screen). The only problem is when I have a shoddy wifi connection. I've got a hotspot on my iPhone, though, which has saved my ass numerous times. I've been working remotely for so long that I find it no different on the road than it was in my home office. If anything, my home office habits (sit in front of PC for 8 hours) have interfered with my 'traveling', not the other way around. Checking in a new place on Sunday, working all week, then leaving on Friday night or Saturday morning isn't exactly the best way to see a new place, but I knew that would be a reality of the trip.
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