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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
good grief .... talk about beating a dead horse... how many times do you want to discuss the same thing?
Just the standard tool of chalatans. Repeat the same thing 10 times to try overcome any other valid opinion. He is right because he says he is, and any other options therefore must be wrong. Even when he is just dead stupid wrong he's right. Just ask him. Nope, don't need to ask, just suggest any alternative, he will be happy to repeat all day long.

His butt dyno is so finely tuned, it trumps all science. His eyes are more seeing than an electron microscope.

Some of these airheads threads are 5 pages long, and 3 pages worth is just him repeating his demand for all and sundry to bow to his "wizdom".

This is the ego of the Shaft, so just keep the salt handy as it takes lots of pinches to get past him and all other charlatans like him.
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