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I'm still running the stock set-up. Did the MOSFET kit ever get put together. I have to admit I'm an electrical novice at best and reading your thread and Joel's makes me feel even dumberer.
I guess I should get off my ass and put in the MOSFET.
Any conclusions on the best non lithium battery if I stay with the stock setup?
I believe he got the kit together, as I got his ano bracket, and proved it. Let me shoot him an email. I think that either the mosfet or the series would work fine. I am contemplating the series, just as of to save a bit on the mine is still outputting fine. I know he have the R/R's, and nice ano brackets.... I think he was chasing down plug adapters, but if you follow my thread, it really is now simple, as the bracket is made for you. That was the hardest..... No kidding on the charge voltage... The stock R/R will slowly destroy the stock lead acid....and quickly destroy the LI, as you have experienced. Once you get the voltage up to 14.2+ the LI would be lasting you way longer, as will the stock.

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