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Originally Posted by COracer View Post
So I'm buying an '09 with the cracks, it is out of the three year warranty. Does anyone know if indeed this is covered for the 5 year fuel/emissions warranty? Has anyone reported leakage or is this strictly cosmetic?
I had mine replaced last week, just a little under 6 months past the three year warranty. I got it done "good faith", but I'm also the original owner of the bike. The guy I talked to at the dealer said that was definitely a factor in getting not only the cost of parts covered, but also the labor. You might get lucky on parts if you have a nice dealer, but based on what I heard it would be somewhat surprising if they covered the labor.

I don't know if I'd classify it as it "strictly" cosmetic, it may indeed weaken the fuel tank. But the cracks will not instantly cause fuel leaks.

Originally Posted by COracer View Post
Anxiously awaiting the cutaway of one...
I don't have a cutaway, but here are pictures of where the fuel pump and filler neck are mounted.

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