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To Guat City and BMW

So Michael has a great ride planned with most if it being dirt. I came through some of the route he is looking at and would love to ride it again. It was the ride I did the same day I wrecked and it was one of my best rides ever. He is adding some more dirt to it by heading south at Sacapals(or something close to that). He has to run to the ATM and I just agonizing on weather or not I can pull the ride off. The reality is that it is a full 2 day ride to Guat City on that route. I have already ridden part of it and I need to be at the airport tomorrow am.

Michael and I right before he goes on an epic ride ride and I get city traffic

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I make the right call and ride straight to Guat City. The first part of the ride is ok and then there is just lots of traffic and road construction. Decide to swing into the BMW shop and see if by chance they have a lock/latch for my left case since it is being held on by a ratchet strap(see above photo for mentioned cool ratchet strap).

I get to Bavaria Motors and you wont beleive it but they have a latch to attach the box to the frame!!! Woo hoo and the brackets that connect the mounting frame to the frame of the bike. Score!! Then Jose(who is the man) says we can thorw those on for you. Ok done! Oh and I know a nice hotel just down the road for $50. Done and done.

Here is the man! Also helped out Radioman on his ride/wreck through Guatemala. He loves work and ALWAYS smiles while he is there!! Thanks Jose

Now for the bad news. My luck is not that good. BMW decided it was a good idea to make one side case a 45 and one a 90 so the locks are not universal. Shame on BMW. Poor design. The guys at the shop jumped through their ass to make things happen especially Jose but the lock replacement just wasn't meant to be. Ive always wanted to fatigue test these ratchet straps anyway.

Took a walk through the Oakland Mall to see about getting a NorthFace drybag to replace my broken and also ratchet strapped on top case. Here is my day at the mall.

Damn good!!

No Beemers! Cmon Jose!!

Looks a little like some other brand I know

Bavaria Motors is the best I have been personally treated at any BMW shop. Jose goes above and beyond and I basically made it so he didn't get anything done the day I was there. Great guy and has now emailed ahead to other BMW shops to see if they have the part. Just great no, over the top customer service.

Picked the bike up the next day made my airport deadline and off to Antigua for 4-5 nights.
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