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Originally Posted by Feyala View Post

Do you have any tips for finding a track off the road where you are unlikely to be discovered, or is it similar to the states (rural area, no houses, go off the main road, go on dirt for a while)?
I think you have it down pat already: rural area, find a track heading off the current road, and go a half mile or more if possible.
I generally prefer to find somewhere just before dark (definitely earlier than you often seem to do ) if only because it makes it easier to see what you have found. Not always fun trying to turn around on a dirt track that peters out into a house, or a swamp, when you only have the headlight to work with.
One use I do appreciate a GPS for, zoom in and let it tell you of an offshoot coming up (assuming maps). Especially handy if you have left it too late and darkness is upon you, because it is often hard to see a turn-off while zooming along at normal road speed.

On another topic, I agree with the suggestion about wiring in a SAE plug (two pin) readily available at Autoparts stores. Just attach ring connectors to the end of the wires and bolt to your battery (+/-) preferably with an inline fuse and the protected (female side) of the plug being to the positive, and let the plug hang down a bit ready for easy access. You could then attach the other half of the plug to a battery tender ( set up the positive out of the tender to the male side of the plug) Besides using the plug for a tender, it can be used for an electric vest at some point (one of my most important additions 35 years ago) Or if you buy a small 100 inverter (cheap , cheap) you can now charge computers, phones, cameras etc. either when stopped or when riding.

Have fun.
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