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Against the bikes wishes, we made it back into Denver safe and sound.

John had blown a fuse again and pulled through the last day with no lights. His speedo cable had finally given up as well, so I set our pace for the home stretch. Who needs gauges, right? I had blown a cell in the battery just before our last campsite, so the last day of the trip had me humping the kick starter every time we stopped. Note to self: next time practice kickstarting prior to leaving. Let's just say I had to learn that one in the dark on the side of the road with John miles ahead. Awesome.

Behind a random groceria on Federal Blvd we part ways and head home with much anticipation. I think the guys behind the groceria were wondering what we were up to. Two geared out motorcycle guys hugging and taking pictures in the alley. That's right, we're weirdos, now get back to work!

It was an amazing trip that we'll remember for the rest of our lives. It's an incredible (and huge) country that we live in and I feel undeservedly lucky to have experienced the small portion that we did in such a fashion. Two wheels and a long road ahead makes for quite an adventure.

Our greatest thanks to everyone that made this possible, especially our wives and families. Without your support, this never would have happened. It was Ewan and Charley's fault, I swear. I'll do my best to talk less about motorcycles now...although that Moto Guzzi project I have brewing may come up occasionally...

Let's not forget a shout to the nutters around here as well. What little planning we did wouldn't have been possible without advrider. You guys are great for a laugh and the occasional bit of real, actual info (although I maintain that only happens by accident). Kidding...just kidding...

Hope you enjoyed the report and thanks for reading.

At some point, John and I will post up our impressions of gear and whatnot. If we can pass on some of our meager learnings, we'll do our best!
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