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Originally Posted by cycleman2 View Post
Having owned both oilheads and airheads the manufacture advises to not let them idle for more than 10 minutes. That sounds like a good idea to me.

I always use a fan if I'm adjusting carbs, sync etc as 10 minutes can go by fast if you are preoccupied. If I'm stopped in a long line of traffic, like a railroad crossing, where you know you are going to be there for awhile I will shut the engine off, same as if I'm at a border crossing with long lines of traffic. Traffic lights and other similar type situations I let the engine idle.

Now if you want to talk heat the oil temp on my Softail has hit 270 F, 2 up in the mountains, lots of stop & go construction, 90 +F air temp. I run synthetic oil but that's too hot in my mind so I put an oil cooler on the engine shortly after that.

A certain amount of common sense has to be used when idling an air cooled motorcycle.
This is actually the answer that I was looking for. Since I am not the first owner of the bike, I have no manual. For me it is a no brainer when the manufacturer states that the engine should not idle longer than ten minutes, not to let the bike idle too long. I agree with most here that one should use common sense when doing that. Thanks for the good info.
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