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Originally Posted by Dr AT View Post
Would you like to try an earlier peak on it to see if there is a difference? The original torance ( xd 1 ) had the peak vents more to the side, the peaks are interchangeable. If you cover return postage you're welcome to try my old one. ( grey)

I'm a bit confused though, my xd4 peak only has the one set of holes, so I'm not sure what you mean by some of he smaller holes??? Picture?

Have you tried it ithout peak o make bsolutely sure it's the peak??
i just sent arai a email. so i will see what happens.

yer what i ment by the smaller hole was the 2. there is only 2 holes in the peak on the xd4. sorry should of been explained more.

that was the 3rd thing that i did was running it without the peak. and the noise was gone once i removed it, i spent about a hour just fiddling with different venting options, adjusting the peak slighty, peak removed, and after locating the postion of the noise i taped up the 2 holes on top of the peak, but the tape was on the underside of the peak not the top where the graphics are.
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