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The greasable DS is yet to be aquired

That's what started this bout with my MC . My 1st drive line failure was the right, SW bearing at +/- 20k . I replaced that SA with my spare . At that time I installed the new "greased", bearings and drilled the hole in the SA that I just now installed . About 20K later my 2nd fail was the FD outside bearing, I put my spare FD on with OEM brgs. using Honda moly paste .I put RubberChicken bushings in the then failed FD and shelved that unit . The latest was +/- 25K later, the driveshaft front yoke went away . I installed my spare DS . Upon disassembly, the outside FD brg was very lightly indexed, very little . I used some slimmy hi temp disc brake grease on those bearings, neversiezed the pin/race area and will see what comes down in several thousand miles when it comes down for a DS replacement . Also on the FD pins, having had one rust and explode in there . I now clean the SA and pins with laquer thinner . When screwing the pins in the final 3/4 threads get a dose of Permatex No.2 . You will put the threads outa the SA if you have no heat and the pin has red loctite on it . IMO . The moly paste was OK, in the bearings, but that stuff is not bearing grease . IMO I now have a spare FD, SA, but no DS . With that backround this is where I'm heading, now that there are some inmates viewing this thread currently . What is the best option , NOW, for GS driveshft replacement/rebuild ? I've poured over various sites and can not seem to find current updates . The aftermarket models must have some miles on them now . I guess i'm wondering ....A ....Who's doing the best work rebuilding ? Does the DS need to be removed to grease ? ....B ......Are they redoing the rubber connection ? .......C....... Are there more than one options for replacement versions ? Stagehand, agreed a bullet proof valve in the SA would be the hot setup . Me I'm a retired Ironworker " Simple by Choice", hence the cotter pin idea . The master engineers use the bearings for vents ???? I still am ammmmazzzzzzzed at that . Thanks for any new input . Ride safe, they're all pissed off at you or jealous .

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