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Originally Posted by Clutch DeBeer View Post
Funny this topic came up when it did. My 60csx just died. Something must have finally wiggled loose inside, it won't turn on at all anymore. I really want satellite imagery, so correct me if I'm wrong the Montana is my only option? I know there is a thread on that unit but it is a mile long and I don't have that kinda time.

I only had a couple of questions.

Can I use roads and rec and GPS Babel to load tracks the same way I did on my 60?
Is there a limit of 20 tracks like the 60?
Is the satellite imagery everything I hope it would be?
No kidding, my 76CSX shit the bed on day 2 of LA-B-V - less than 2 weeks ago.
One of the the battery contacts broke.
To be honest, it kept cutting out and when I tried to bend it back into place I broke it.
Anyway, it failed. I have a 14 year old eMap that I used on bikes, in a boat, and in a 4wd and it still works. The place I bought it from "hardened" it by adding silicone to some of the places that fail from vibration on handlebars...
I talked to the gent that I bought the eMap from at the Long Beach bike show last week (Tom Myers of Touratech USA / Cycoactive), he suggested to just get another 76CSX off eBay, the old one isn't worth fixing.

To be honest I never liked the tiny ass screen on the 76, I reckon a 276/376 would be a better replacement...

Good idea Rob!

Edit: I guess it's a common failure
Maybe I should just wire USB power outlets on all my bikes... (I have them on 2 already )
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