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I'm sitting here staring at my GS, getting ready to do my winter maintenance program. Top of the list is my aftermarket driveshaft maintenance and my biggest question is whether or not I have to remove my shaft to install the grease fittings to do the lubrication or is there enough room in there by sneaking past the boots to do the job. Any suggestions here would be well received.

The Taiwanese drive shaft is a thing of beauty, especially as the vibration damper elastomers are easily replaceable. Pop out the circlip and the whole shaft slides into two pieces. I don't have a part number for these bits but I'm sure they will be available when I need them. My biggest concern is getting the shaft out of the swing arm because it was a bit tight going in - the shaft is a couple thou' bigger than the swing arm and I had to take some casting ridges off the inside of the swing arm with a file to get the shaft in. Others have experienced the same problem - some haven't. All in all, the shaft is doing good service and I'm glad I bought it.

Thanks Rob for the Service Bulletin - I'll add this one to my files. I've never had a problem with the swing arm bearings but my final drive bearings have failed a few times. The BMW Dealer in Vancouver said that these are 'one use items only' when I bought my last set. So my guess is that they don't like being removed and re-installed repeatedly. I tend to give mine a cursory check after every ride but I tend to check them visually by looking up inside past the rear rubber boot. If there is no unpleasantness visibly, I leave them alone.
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