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Originally Posted by dirtyron View Post
i traded off on a ride with my buddys new bonneville, what a boring soulless bike. i couldn't wait to get back on my ducati. i think i ruined it for the poor guy. did the same on a 800st.WHERE'S THE MOTOR? absoloutly no character. this guy loves that bike though.i realized over the years that first and foremost a motorcycle has to be fun. call me immature.
Funny, I went from a 05 Ducati ST3 that was deerstroyed to an 09 Bonnie T100 and I find the Bonnie to be full of character, especially after I installed a set of TORs. The Bonnie just fit me better. All the controls fall readily to hand. I find the motor to be smooth and powerful enough for my needs. Yes I have upgraded the suspension but I did that as well on my non "S" model ST3. I actually almost bought a Multi 1100S but just did not bond with during or after a test ride. The Bonnie however I knew I wanted after 3 blocks on my test ride. I bonded more in the first couple hundred miles on the Bonnie than I did in 20,000+ miles on the Duc. And I loved that Duc!

Different strokes for different folks. It is all good if the bike moves your soul.

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